Jeff Wood

†††† I have been working with wood professionally for 30 years, the last 23 years DBA Woodwright.  The business combines two areas I love, woodworking and electronics. This combination is a perfect match  for† my talents and interests.  I am proud of the pieces my customers and I jointly create and consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to a make a living doing what I enjoy.

††† In addition to myself, Woodwright has one employee, Susan Wood, the business manager (AKA my wife).  A standing joke between us is that her job description is to be responsible for everything I don't want to do.   She is also a valued source of advice and  my best critic.

A little bit about the proprietor

The Process

†† When the customer first calls, I make arrangements to meet at the customerís home where we discuss the general design of the cabinet and I take measurements. This information is taken back to the office where I will make a computer-aided drawing of the proposed cabinet. I will then call the customer(s) and invite them to review the drawing in my office.† At this time we can make any changes necessary, and I can quote a price and date of installation.

†† This significantly benefits the customer, because the same person is with him during each step of the process; initial contact, design, construction, and installation. This aspect is particularly important with the design and construction phases.


†† I† build about ten cabinets a year, and each one is special. Nothing leaves the shop until it meets my high standards.

I am responsible for all phases, from concept to installation.