Computer Controlled Routing

  CNC (computer numerical controlled) routers are relatively new to the woodworking industry and are mostly used for production cabinetry.  I have been in the custom cabinet business as a sole proprietor for 35 years.  I’ve had this machine for a little more than three years and have spent hundreds of hours learning how to use it. I am offering my services to anyone who needs parts or carving or whatever you and/or I can think of.  Prices can be determined by the piece or by the hour ($75 per). My goal is to establish long term customers who need a part from time to time and know that they can come to me and get a great product at a fair rate.  I work out of a well equipped shop on my property in Golden Gate Estates, near Collier Blvd and Pine Ridge Rd.  Because my overhead is low,  I can pass that savings on to you.


  I can make reliefs from thousands of designs available on the internet for download. These can be manipulated in size and shape as in the carving at the top of this page.  I can also create an original design or a blend of the two. 3d objects can be made from pictures, line drawings or can be copied from an existing 3d object.


Most of what these machines can do hasn’t been thought of yet.


  After I thought up that statement I decided to show what I meant. Since I needed a cabinet to store some of the  CNC- related equipment, I built the cabinet below as an example. Most things I have seen that were made with a CNC, where the operator was showing what the machine can do, are pretty wild; for example lots of big unnecessary curves. What I did here was to use traditional wood-working with a twist. The face frame has a slight concave curve that flows to a convex one around the edge of the drawer fronts, then back to concave in the middle. I used a radius joint to connect rails (horizontal) and the stiles (vertical) on the face frame. Also on the sides, top, and back, plywood was inset to a wood frame that has rounded corners and a gradual curve along the length and width.






CNC Router

   I Have two CNC machines, the big one is a ShopBot PRS Alpha with a 5’ X 10’ X 16” capacity (picture at top of page). It also has a indexer (a tool that will turn stock in very small increments while the router moves back and forth over the length). With the indexer I can make a cylinder any size up to 10’ long and 19” in diameter in any shape and with any design on it.


   The other machine is a desktop (above) also made by ShopBot. Although the large machine is extremely accurate the desktop will produce even more resolution that is important for detailed carvings.